Introduction to Visio

Who is this course for?

This 1-day course is for you if you are a new or inexperienced user of Visio and want to gain a basic understanding of how to use its main tools and features

What are the benefits

By the end of the course you will: Understand the layout of the drawing window, Identify master shapes and stencils, Draw basic objects and change their shape, Understand how to connect shapes, Create process flowcharts, Use foreground and background pages to produce consistent layouts, Create hyperlinks between pages and save your drawings for use on an intranet or internet, Develop simple organisation charts, change the layout of shapes and work with shape data.

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Course Duration

1 Day

Course Content

Getting Started

  • The Visio Drawing Window
  • Toolbars
  • Overview of Templates, Stencils and Shapes
  • Changing View Settings

Basic Techniques

  • Understand the differences between a stencil, template and drawing
  • Find and use other stencils
  • Use the shapes window
  • Manage quick shapes
  • Select and manipulate shapes placed on the drawing page
  • Alter page settings and understand auto size
  • Zooming features
  • Move, copy and resize shapes
  • Add and format text
  • Use the text block tool to alter text positioning

Tables and Data

  • Adding and editing data
  • Navigating, adding, editing and deleting records
  • Finding and replacing data
  • Sorting and filtering records
  • Filtering by selection
  • Importing and exporting Data
  • Freezing and unfreezing columns
  • Finding and replacing data
  • Using Wildcards

Organisational Charts

  • Create an organisational chart structure
  • Add multiple shapes
  • Modify chart layouts
  • Use the organisational chart wizard and Excel

Process Flowcharting

  • Connect shapes together using the Auto connect
  • Work with the Connector Tool
  • Drag and drop shapes
  • Use Connectors from a stencil
  • Utilise point to point and shape to shape connections
  • Align and distribute shapes
  • Use guides on a drawing page
  • Apply themes, custom theme colours and effects

Multiple Page Drawings

  • Copy shapes using three different techniques
  • Insert and name new pages
  • Reorder pages
  • Create foreground and background pages Rename pages
  • Delete pages

What our users say


  • A very good course, trainer had good knowledge and delivered well
  • I like the fact that you have selected topics/functions on the basis of their interest/possible use - course is much more than pertinent and a better use of time
  • Very friendly and helpful trainer
  • Ray is the only IT Trainer who has ever inspired me with enough confidence to learn effectively
  • It was very good, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot
  • I will definitely use the Pivot Tables at work in the future! Thank you for such a great training day!
  • Will ensure my team all attend (they all work remotely)
  • Exactly what I was hoping to learn, thanks

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