Advanced Project

Who is this course for?

This hands-on course is suitable for you if you are familiar with Microsoft Project and would like to explore the more advanced features of Microsoft Project, including working with sub projects.

What are the benefits

Upon completion of the course you will be able to use multiple calendars, manage project costs, customise how your project looks and reports, manage shared resources and reuse the project plan for future use.

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Course Duration

2 Days

Course Content

Track the Project’s Progress

  • Baseline the project
  • View multiple baselines
  • Set an interim plan
  • Update the project
  • Enter task progress
  • Compare actual and planned progress
  • Update the project using the status date
  • Work with Timelines

Critical Path

  • View and shorten the project using the critical path

Advanced Grouping and Filtering

  • Filter Tasks by criteria
  • Create custom groups

Tables and Views

  • Produce a custom table
  • Create custom fields
  • Generate custom views
  • Format tables to highlight key information
  • Reuse created views
  • Share custom views with other projects
  • Format Gantt chart bar styles

Manage Costs

  • Assign cost rates to resources
  • Alter costs based on time periods
  • Update cost rate tables
  • Enter overtime payments
  • Group costs

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Build a master project
  • Consolidate projects
  • Link tasks across projects
  • Manage inter dependencies between projects
  • Create a resource pool
  • Share resources across subprojects
  • Deal with resource over allocations
  • Use resource levelling tools
  • Resolve resource conflicts
  • Manage multiple calendars
  • View the Team Planner


  • Create and customise reports and templates
  • Manage report printing options
  • Use filter’s and groups to create reports

The Organiser

  • Add custom filters, reports and tables to the global template
  • Share customised groups and filters

Exchange Data with Other Applications

  • Create an export map
  • Import project information
  • Export project plan cost data to an Excel workbook
  • Copy a picture of the project plan information
  • Link documents to a project
  • Copy the timeline to other applications

Lessons Learnt

  • Create a project plan template

What our users say


  • A very good course, trainer had good knowledge and delivered well
  • I like the fact that you have selected topics/functions on the basis of their interest/possible use - course is much more than pertinent and a better use of time
  • Very friendly and helpful trainer
  • Ray is the only IT Trainer who has ever inspired me with enough confidence to learn effectively
  • It was very good, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot
  • I will definitely use the Pivot Tables at work in the future! Thank you for such a great training day!
  • Will ensure my team all attend (they all work remotely)
  • Exactly what I was hoping to learn, thanks

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