In House Training

A low cost training option - we come to you!


All our training is carried out on your premises, which means that you can check your emails, catch up with any important business before and after the course if you wish.

We give all our delegates post course support, so if you haven’t used a skill for a while and need help, we can supply this.

Our courses are structured to learn the application in a logical flow which ensures that each new skill builds on the last.  All our IT courses have hands on practical exercises with time to practice your new skills.



Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

If you prefer to have your courses delivered in the traditional Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced style we have the following courses:

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Access (Introduction and Intermediate)
  • Advanced Microsoft Access
  • Brush up your Excel
  • Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel
  • Up and running with PowerPoint
  • Advanced PowerPoint
  • Getting Started with Project
  • Advanced Project
  • Introduction to Visio
  • Intermediate Visio
  • Microsoft Word Essentials
  • Intermediate Microsoft Word
  • Advanced Microsoft Word

Topic Focused Courses

No more sitting through a whole day's training to learn one or two elements. We have full day courses based around specific topics. 

These tailored courses are designed to make your learning experience relevant and increase productivity, no wasted time on training you don’t need or want.  We have designed these courses to give you plenty of time to practice and give you the confidence you need to apply them to your own files. If you need to work with large volumes of data, we can show you how to save time in your working day.  Do you re-arrange your data columns in Excel to carry out a lookup?  You don’t have to, we can show you how to avoid that!  Do you want to focus on a topic not listed below, contact us and we can discuss your needs.

  • VBA and Microsoft Excel (2 days)
  • Unleash the power of Power Pivots and Microsoft Excel
  • Dashboards Made Easy with Microsoft Excel
  • In Depth Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Analysing Data Lists with Microsoft Excel
  • Get your life back from Outlook
  • Managing Large Documents with Word
  • Desk top publishing with Microsoft Word

Bite Size Training

Bite size sessions can be a more flexible approach to learning. Most people are motivated to attend training if the topic is one which interests them, Bite Size sessions allow you to pick and choose only what will be useful for you

It is recognised that people learn in different ways, Bite Size sessions allow you to learn in short bursts consolidating learning before moving on to the next topic. 

Bite Size sessions are ideal for people:

  • Who can’t be away from their desk for long periods of time
  • Who would like to fill gaps in their knowledge
  • Who prefers to digest learning before learning more

Our Bite Size sessions are:

  • Fast paced, fun, focused and completely interactive
  • Structured to learn in a logical order
  • Practical sessions

Our Bite Size sessions are 2-3 hours in length, we can add more exercises and/or slow the pace if you prefer:

  • Recording Macros with Microsoft Excel
  • Easy Dashboards with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Charting with Microsoft Excel
  • Master Formatting with Microsoft Excel
  • Formula and Calculations - the Basics with Microsoft Excel
  • Useful Logical, Statistical, Information and Math Functions
  • Mastering Lookups with Microsoft Excel
  • The Word Form Expert
  • The Word "Style" Expert
  • The Mail Merge Expert
  • Managing Lists with Word

Contact us for more Bite Size ideas or tell us what you would like designed for you

One-to-One training

One to one training is ideal for the busy executive or the nervous delegate.  One to One training, or training in very small groups allows you to feel comfortable asking questions without the distraction of colleagues in the room. 

Such training ensures that the training runs at a pace dictated by you, spending longer on new or more difficult topics and less time on topics which only need to be fully or partly refreshed.

Upgrading your systems?

With each version of Microsoft Office new features and tools are added but most people do not take advantage of them as they are either unware of them or don’t have time to play and discover them.

We deliver a wide range of Microsoft Office upgrade training solutions

  • One day hands on conversion course
  • Half day hands on conversion course
  • Two hour awareness briefings
  • One to one floor walking sessions

Floor Walking Advantages

Floor walking can be used as desk side support to employees who have just changed to a new system 

Floor walking provides reassurance and support during what can be a stressful time.  Knowing that an expert is on hand to assist with any query can often make all the difference. 

Typically floor walking is carried out after a new system installation but Floor walking is also an ideal solution for employees who just want to learn one or two quick fixes and have an answer to individual questions or as a general work “smarter not harder” opportunity. 

Floor Walking Advantages

  • Cost effective
  • Efficient, individual support
  • Immediate answers to problems
  • Minimal disruption to the work routine
  • Floor walking events can be held on regular occasions to improve skills.

IT Workshops

Do you have questions about using your computer but no time to attend a course?  IT Workshops are ideal for you if you don’t need or want a formalised training session or can’t afford staff to be out of the office at the same time. 

Whether it takes 5 or 50 minutes, we can help solve issues that you and your staff have been experiencing.

Our IT Workshops are completely flexible and are usually made up of short, focused, training sessions, where you can receive individual attention or with a small group of colleagues, concentrating on solving a specific problem or learning a new skill. 

Delegates attending a workshop are not restricted to working with one application but can receive help on any application they wish.

IT Seminars/Webinars

IT Seminars and Webinars are a convenient way to inform if you do not want practical training. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Training Needs Analysis

With experience in the private and public sectors we can offer a complete Training Needs Analysis. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Train the IT Trainer

Do you have your own in house trainer? 

We can develop courses, provide the training materials and train your trainer to deliver the course.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


What our users say


  • A very good course, trainer had good knowledge and delivered well
  • I like the fact that you have selected topics/functions on the basis of their interest/possible use - course is much more than pertinent and a better use of time
  • Very friendly and helpful trainer
  • Ray is the only IT Trainer who has ever inspired me with enough confidence to learn effectively
  • It was very good, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot
  • I will definitely use the Pivot Tables at work in the future! Thank you for such a great training day!
  • Will ensure my team all attend (they all work remotely)
  • Exactly what I was hoping to learn, thanks

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