Charting with Microsoft Excel

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you would like to analyse and present data as charts and graphs. No prior knowledge of charts is needed

What are the benefits

At the end of this session, you will know what chart works best for your data, be confident in creating and formatting charts and create charts using shortcuts.

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Course Duration

3 Hours

Course Content

Getting Started

  • Understanding chart terminology
  • Familiarity with the design layout and format tabs
  • Identifying the chart elements: the plot area, chart area, gridlines, data series and legends
  • Selecting the chart type for your data
  • Choosing the best layout for your chart

Creating Basic Charts

  • Selecting the chart data
  • Use shortcuts to create instant charts
  • Changing the chart location
  • Resizing the chart

Beyond Basic Charts

  • Creating Bar Charts from selected data
  • Exploding Pie charts to highlight data
  • Choosing the right chart type Line vs Area
  • Working with combination charts
  • Viewing trends with Sparklines (2010 & 2013)

Formatting Charts

  • Changing the chart type
  • Working with background colours
  • Adding static chart titles
  • Creating dynamic chart titles
  • Manipulating data legends
  • Switching rows and columns to change the data view
  • Using pictures to highlight data series

Advanced Formatting

  • Using data labels to highlight key areas
  • Adding a secondary axis
  • Viewing trends with Trendlines
  • Set default chart type
  • Dealing with empty and hidden cells
  • Working with gridlines
  • Managing negative values

Managing the Data Source

  • Changing the chart’s data source
  • Adding new data series to an existing chart

Printing and Sharing Charts

  • Printing Charts
  • Sharing charts with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

What our users say


  • A very good course, trainer had good knowledge and delivered well
  • I like the fact that you have selected topics/functions on the basis of their interest/possible use - course is much more than pertinent and a better use of time
  • Very friendly and helpful trainer
  • Ray is the only IT Trainer who has ever inspired me with enough confidence to learn effectively
  • It was very good, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot
  • I will definitely use the Pivot Tables at work in the future! Thank you for such a great training day!
  • Will ensure my team all attend (they all work remotely)
  • Exactly what I was hoping to learn, thanks

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